Friday, November 3, 2017


How about a little faux cross stitch!
Just copy and save, trace this design onto any fabric and stitch the x's.
No counting....super easy.
This would be so adorable framed in a tiny black frame....maybe stitched in orange, red and yellow!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make a couple finished goods (no mass producing) and a couple gifts...they are still legally my designs.
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How was your Halloween?

This is our pumpkin...sweet and simple.
Last year I carved a zombie and it was complicated and took forever!
This is a paper skeleton in my house and I was photo editing using my Samsung tablet and had fun changing up this photo using effect....this one is"Magic pen". 
This one is "Gothic Noir".
and this one is"Pop art".
I love how one picture can be so different using effects! 
Trix came to my photo shoot (our front forest part of my yard)....I was taking a pic of the witch I made and she had to sniff!  I did grunge it alittle with coffee and cinnamon. 
and as Trix always does...she leaves her scent...what a gift....then the doll went plunging into the wet leaves....she is a treasure!
After the quilt show I decided I needed to treat myself and make some dolls just for my collection...
this is a pineberry lane witch called "wee witches".
She turned out to be my favorite. 
I love this gal...Waverly witch ...designed by chestnut junction!
I LOVE how the nose is big and! 
This is a stump doll pattern from Chestnut Junction..but I made her into a witch.
She is super cute! 
I am very happy with my dolls and I had a blast just feeling free to have fun with it.
Never forget to treat deserve it!!!

My sale pattern of the week is...
Stitch up this "Give Thanks" turkey pillow in a easy. Add a patchwork border and wool or felt leaf pocket to hold your family's gratitude lists, old postcards, and letters!

***Thankful tags are on the left sidebar on my blog...near the bottom of the page!
They are fun to put in the pocket of the pillow!
Lucky says......

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