Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween fun and collecting

I love this time of year!
All the Halloween is coming out of the wood work!
Above is a hexie display of a few of my designs.
I bought this fabulous drawing on muslin from Michelle Palmer...she is fantastic!
You can see and buy originals here!
She usually sells them on muslin...in a plain rectangle...so you can do what you want with it.
Sometimes she takes a vintage linen table mat or doily and draws on it....so cool.
I decided to make a mini quilt with the artwork.
Here it is all finished....I am going to put it in my kitchen....I love making something for myself for a change.
I got a few vintage collectibles at my favorite antique store....
this accordion style cat...love him!
There was a booth that had quite a bit..but I already had some of the items...I love collecting.
Yikes...scary witch!
She is part of a vintage costume...this is sort of a skirt/apron....I might put it on my mannequin...and if if doesn't fit I may pin it on the mannequin.
This costume was fierce!
It came with this cape too!
Now for Target dollar deals...this is a fun pompom garland for 3 bucks.
I love pompoms. 
The cool mini or small ornaments are also from target.  I wanted the eyeballs the most.
This was a whole dollar....at dollar tree!
This is like the skeletons that unfold and you can hang them...she looks just like Mrs. Munster! 
Treat boxes at the dollar store....so cute! 
I got this crazy glitter mouse at value village.
And these are a few new addition to my MrsTiddlemouse etsy shop...
a mini pin...OCT 31. 
Zombie tags and halloween flash cards. 
Fall polka dot mouse 
Bottle cap lil witch pin.
There is much more too.

I better get taking my walk....the day is passing me by!
See ya!

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  1. WOW! I just found your site and it's the best! I had that cat decoration growing up. Have a great day!