Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Halloween goodies

These are some of my new Halloween goodies....She is a needle felted witch....the eyes are funny!
Wisk brooms for witches.
He is very cheerful and fun.

These are big and hang....some cool near a breeze.
I  love to use old plates and give them new life.
I love witches.
These were fun to create and make me laugh.
BOO....he is sold already.
This guy and the others have small badges that can be pinned on yourself.  Some are still available.
Toothy grin on this fellow!
His hairdo-stem is fun....I love Halloween so much....but I think I have to start thinking Christmas...because I am already behind ....boo hoo!!!!


  1. Love them all, but I especially like the whisk brooms!

  2. These are all super, super cute Shirley! I love Halloween too. Any more, sometimes I think I like it more than Christmas, and that's going some, since I love Christmas decorations! Keep up the great work!

    Robin from