Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage sale finds!!!!

This vintage dress was basically free, because a lady made me a great deal.  It fits perfectly on my mannequin and I added a few Halloween items to it.  My cat freaked out when he saw it....side stepping away from her.
This is a full length shot, wish I was that wonderful shape.
This bunch of goodies cost about 13 bucks....from papers, to loads of stamps (some still in package), vintage lace tablecloth, ribbons, fabric and more.  I was in heaven. 
These are my best deal though....two antique quilts (crazy quilt over 100 years old) ...only 9 dollars for BOTH!!!  My picture isn't the best, but they are so pretty!!!  I am still just thrilled about it.  Tell me what deals you have gotten lately, I would love to hear about it!!!


  1. wow i need to go shopping with you!!! i was going to try to hit some stores in the valley sat. after i did some wedding hair but i fell down their stairs leaving! nothing hurt other then my ego!! right in front of her husband, thankfully i've know them forever so we can laugh about it!! where did you get the quilts? what a find sooo jealous!!!

  2. These were some fabulous garage sales in Northwood...on north argonne in the valley. That area is a good place for garage sales. It is never fun to fall. The other weekend I was at a dinner wearing a white top, and no one told me a was wearing a big blob of bbq sauce until dinner was done. I must have looked like a goof!