Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spooky Large Flash Cards

Hi everyone!  I wanted to show you my large Halloween Flash I put it near my big hat I made last year for Halloween (I won a prize!)  It is part candy container, part cardboard and old paper, and I threw in a crown from Claires. 
These flash cards are so cool because they are print.  They are on my etsy if you are interested.
I wish kids could trick or treat like we used to in the old days (1970's) could go out for hours without a parent and they would check apples later to see if they were safe.  I remember going to one door and getting a cool.  We used pillow cases...plastic containers were to small for our serious candy collecting.
I was so creeped out from the wicked witch on wizard of oz....I would melt into the floor, so to speak, when she did.  Boy, she was a brilliant shade of green!
New Halloween patterns coming soon!!!

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