Friday, July 23, 2010

Freebie friday- old photo

I have to do another photo fom my collection, since I am at the allied arts show in Richland, Washington with my 3 sisters and my daughter.  It is a big arts and crafts show in a huge park on the columbia river.  It usually gets super hot...100 degrees....not good for a gal that gets hot easily.  There is so much to see and buy...very fun.  Then tomorrow we are going to another park where there is an antique is sometimes better than the art show!!!  By the way...I call this gal "The Nose" because everytime I see her I focus on her nose.  I know it is naughty of me...her hair is also interesting.


  1. Too funny! That's what caught my eye first, too! Stay cool.

  2. I think her hair pulled up so tight is what gives her the funny nose! Gives me a headache just lookin' at it!