Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day!

I hope everyone is wearing Green today, I am out pinching!!!! My daughter told me no one can pinch at school....in the good old days (70's) a kid could pinch away. Oh well. I am Irish but mainly Scottish....my father gets mad when I say its about the same. He came from Scotland and is fierce about it. He wants a Scottish holiday celebrated here.... I told him to figure it out and I will celebrate. Next thing I know I will be making crafts for "Robert the Bruce" day .


  1. happy st. paddys day to you as well..wearing green underwear..was that TMI?...lol...have a good one..!:)

  2. That's funny...I have a ridiculous amount of green on...I am clashing as well.... there is no hope for me.LOL

  3. Happy belated St. Pat's day and thanks for stopping by :)