Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hello March!

Happy March!
I think it's safe to say we all want winter to go away!
The green is cheerful from all the St. Patrick's day decor!
It won't be long before the first signs of spring will be here.
I heard birds chirping like crazy the other day... it was beautiful.
I made another phone/tablet calendar for you!

The theme is a mouse with shamrocks.
I painted these using acrylics. 
Now onto some more serious content.

I've decided to simplify my life more 
and post LESS on my blog and newsletters.

I have been working hard on these throughout the years...sometimes stressing out about getting it done  and making all the content. 

Since having a stroke and other health complications back in 2020....I have had to really change my life.  My health is number one and of course... my family.

I am not going to stop creating....just changing a few things to make life easier.

I love creating art and making patterns... they really feed my soul.

So  I think I will just occasionally post on my blog and newsletter.
I will continue to post on Instagram and Facebook!
Please follow me there and get daily content....
about things I have been doing, art, designs, and more!

I will stop making monthly calendars.
Freebies will be an occasional thing. 

I will have all my designs on Etsy for instant download

and if you prefer a printed and mailed pattern ... please go to my website.

I created a new set of collage sheets...celebrating St. Patrick's day!

They are easy and fun....make them into these cute decorations!
These 2 collage sheets are perfect to create your Irish home decor, use to create tags, journaling, ornaments for an st. patrick's tree, art for your planner and more ....they are just plain fun!
I drew all the artwork. There are shamrocks, frogs, a mouse, a sweet lassie, a fun doggy, clover plant, flowers and sayings. The second sheet is a ice green background paper to make your creations. I have a small tutorial on my Instagram.

Stitch up this sweet St. Patrick's day design ... a Fast, Easy, and Fun embroidery project.
I drew up this kitty cat design....I thought it would be sweet having the saying about pinching... that was such a big deal in school.

It measures: 5 3/8" wide x 4 3/16", but could be enlarged or reduced.
This pattern sheet comes with embroidery instructions and tips for embroidery (my secrets).

*There are color suggestions listed , but you can stitch any colors you like.

I want to share some of the art I have been doing lately!
I have been taking an excellent class from Mindy Lacefield called :Illustrated sketchbook.
It is pure FUN!  
It's childlike, easy, inspiring, and makes you feel like a teen again!
Above is a page I did....sort of random drawings and doodles.
There are lots of lessons in this.... 16 lessons and lifetime access to it!

Here is my rain puddle...this pic doesn't show all the magical glitter in the rain.
There were lessons on cute characters like the peanuts gang too.

This one was super fun...a rain drop girl.  Adding stickers is fun too.

I loved the poodle and working with these Marabu art crayons.... that deactivate with water and paint brush.
I love working with watercolors and markers. It is very satisfying.
I love making raggedy ann... I got a wonderful pattern from Sweet Meadows farm.

I made the small doll with fun fabric from my pal Kat... I love the shamrocks. 

She turned out so cute.
I made a cat apron for her.

Her hair was variegated green yarn.
I made another with vintage sheets... she is pink!
It's always fun to have some time for play.

Have a great March...
.and I will see you on Instagram and Facebook
with an occasional newsletter or blog post.


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