Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ready for Halloween!

Selina my daughter and Lucky (one of my cats) are ready for Halloween. Selina is going to be a goth girl and Lucky is working on being the fattest cat in Washington state. He is over 20 pounds....last time we weighed him....I told him he could stop! Selina is very excited for 2 Halloween parties. She may skip trick or treating because we won't have time to do it(one party) and she never eats any of the candy anyway.
When me and my sisters and brother were young....we loved trick or treating because it was the one chance to get major candy...all for ourselves, no sharing. We filled up our pillow cases with candy. We grew up with no chips in the house, no pop, the only snack was toast. My mom simply had no money for those things! We ate well at meals and there were no snacks....maybe popcorn when there was a special movie to watch. Even kool-aid lasted only at a got one glass. Those were the days!!!! I wish I could spend one day back in time to see my Mom again... making popcorn or cinnamon rolls.

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  1. Hey Shirley, we had 20 twenty pound kittys at one time..and your kitty is too cute amongst the leaves...have a wonderful halloween!!!:)