Friday, October 9, 2015

Pumpkin BOO freebie design!

It's freebie Friday again!
Time flies in October. 
I thought you all would like this spooky pumpkin....perfect for Halloween,
It would make a great coaster.
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 
I recently got this adorable Vintage Halloween card at an antique show.
I love the sweetness and that it is perfect for a child. 
Here is the inside.
Reminds me of my latest pattern below...the ghost is very friendly.
I am spending the weekend with my sister and girl time.
We are gonna shop, see a movie, hot tub, be crazy....just enjoy ourselves.
Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend too!!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts...Oh my!!

Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts...Oh my!!
My last Halloween pattern of the year is finally ready.
It is a large one!
Finished design measures:  20" long x 17" wide.
This is a fun & easy project that looks perfect on your front door. 
Look at the sweet Pumpkin treat holder.
Notice the Candy canes and Lollipop. 
Not all ghosts are scary!  Celebrate a Merry Halloween with this sweet ghost & pumpkin treat holder design.  It will make your Halloween decor complete  The ghost wears a "Friendliest ghost" badge... he is a sweetie.
 Other badge designs are: A Haunting we will go and Merry Scaring.
I also have it on my website.
I had many more designs in the works....but I didn't have enough time to complete them.
I did make 6 this I am pretty happy with
Here is a little message from my cat Lucky....he thinks he should get paid for modeling....the currency is cans of wet food.
My hubby spoils them so!

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Vintage Quilts!

The scene is set for a very vintage Halloween!
This is my Brand new pattern:
A vintage Halloween mini Quilts ...available in my Etsy shop.
Single pumpkin quilt design measures: 11" x 4"
Pumpkins...pumpkins in a row...Witches.....all in tow.....
These 3 lil quilts are just perfect for your Halloween Decor. There is a pumpkin mat, hanging banner Witch hat and a trio of Pumpkins on a larger mini quilt. All three feature wool and fun fall fabric. 
They make terrific mats for your table, shelves and backdrop for decor!
This pattern is on my Patternmart site too!
If you would rather have a printed and mailed pattern...please go to my website.
Witch hat design measures:
11" x 4" not including hanger & bells
Trio of Pumpkins measure: 
16" x 7 3/4" not including hanger.
- - - - - - - - - 
I put up all my Halloween decor in my nearly killed much work.
I always have to clear our areas, then dust and clean....then get a million boxes out...then get all the light up items and big items where they should go.  Finally the little stuff all around.  
I love how it looks when it is done!
Now I need to put my feet up!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Elephant freebie & skeletons!

This is the freebie design for this week.
It's a funny one!
I think this should be called fun Friday!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts. 

October is here!
I love this month and all the spooky goodness!
I am putting up decorations for Halloween and I realized....I have way too much stuff!
I can't seem to stop myself however!
My hubby and I went to the "Roost" antique store in Spokane...and we had a blast.
They have the greatest displays!
Creepy skeleton bride! 
Cracks me up!! 
This chair display was so cool...they really have a knack for getting things just right! 
When in doubt ...put fake rat in bowl of candy corn! 
I love lighted plastic outside decor! 
He is eating a kitkat 
Wolfman....wearing several hats 
Displays were way up high too!  
I wanted everything! 
This last pic was from the Vintage rabbit.
I love the idea of a doll head..placed in a pumpkin with a witch hat!!
So cool.

Have a fun Friday!!!!!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Frightfully sweet Halloween pendants.

Happy 1st of October! 
Are you feeling that fall has arrived?
I have!
These are my brand new designs...
My Frightfully sweet Halloween pendants embroidery pattern.
Stitch up some fun Halloween pendants... so sweet, simple to do and super quick. There are 9 designs: spider, boo pumpkin, skull, kitty cat, witch hat, trio of pumpkins, candy corn, broom with stars and lil ghost. These make perfect gifts and look so pretty with any outfit.
These are in my Etsy shop now!

They stitch up very quickly....just because they are small doesn't mean it is is easy.

Finished design measures: 1 1/4" round each
They are also at Patternmart!
And if you would prefer a printed and mailed pattern please go to my website.
I am really happy with how these turned cute!
This is my newest mannequin...."Daisy".
I got her for 19 dollars at Goodwill....about two months ago...
my daughter took over "Flo" I better keep an eye on Daisy.

Come back on Friday for the freebie!

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Halloween goodies...score!

It is getting quite spooky around here!
I went to some vintage flea markets, antique stores and thrift stores and got some awesome Halloween goodies!!  
It is fun to find just the right pieces. 
I Love these jack o'lanterns,
I know they are reproductions....but they are soooo cool.
They are well made too.
I used to have some vintage ones, but sold them during hard times...
these are a good replacement for me. 
Look at the cool old book...only $3.
It has the sweetest pictures.
I love the orange tinsel. 
Candy corn colored bottle brush trees.
My husband was with me and said I was there to have I went with it! 
This is a light up pumpkin. 
Kitty cat tree topper.
Love it! 
This is HUGE, but this pic doesn't do it justice.
It is so cool....hand painted. 
Cute scarecrow head with darling owl.
I love paper products.

including this witch with honeycomb pot. 
The book's them. 
It had all kinds of lovely pics...but I focused in on the Halloween ones. 
This is not the greatest pic of "Freaky"...but it is a wonderful one of a kind creation. It is big.
I just love the freaky letters. 
I have a whole collection of skull like decor...I don't like them gory....just

I feel real spoiled right now.....I also just got this original Danita painting...
I love Halloween!!!!

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Hoot hoot freebie

Hoot hoot....another freebie for you!
I am really corny lately....can't help it.
This is a fun owl to stitch up...perfect for Halloween.
Please share this and let your friends know that every Friday is a new freebie.
I just got another child's I have 2!
My first is green and now I have this sweet yellow one.
It is cute....with a cutting board too. 
Lots of space for some goodies to be stored.
I always wanted one when I was a kid...didn't get one...but I did get the best gift ever one Christmas
The barbie townhouse!
It had an cool! 
I recently got this awesome stack of moda fabrics....perfect for some projects I have in mind. 
I love the ribbon it came with! 
I also got some Boo crew fabric. 
I love the crazy monsters 
So cute and sassy 
I am not sure what I will make with it....but that doesn't matter! 
It is like candy for grown women. 
Here is a sneaky peak of a new pattern coming soon...
I added an old feel to the picture for fun.
Look for this and it's companion pieces soon!!


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