Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you, your family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Make your man happy...& inexpensively!

This year I decided to make a tall skinny tree....devoted to my husband's favorite team....the Seattle Seahawks!
He was really happy....since the whole house is my style and what I want as far as decorations. 
The tree was 5.99 at is atleast 4 foot tall or more...but skinny.
The star was 99 cents- thrift store....garland....99 cents.
Most of the ornaments were from goodwill....99 cents for a box 
I got a few special ornaments from craft fairs...everyone was Seahawk is probably the same with your team in your area. 
Plus buying at your local craft shows help our small businesses and your local crafts people.
The lights were just extras I had laying around.
This tree is so pretty and better of course in person.
Best of husband loves looking at it....we are convinced it brought good luck to the last!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks

Wow ...Thanksgiving is almost here....the turkey is thawing in the fridge!
We just got a little is beginning to look like winter~!
I thought I would share alittle home Thanksgiving.
Above is a cute doll holding a pumpkin...the embroidery is not mine...bareroots I believe,

This was a Terra cotta turkey I was gonna throw out...but I gave him the dry brush with white paint treatment...I wanted him to stay. 
My cool new picture with my metal turkey (pier one)

Oh...I love my daughters art....this one makes me misty. 
A cool display I got from Vivian Fuller....lucky me!! 
I love decorating for each is a sickness really. 
See the really cornball is from goodwill....I just love him! 
Glittery owl and snoopy!! 
This is a mini photo album I made ...years ago...It is thanksgivings past. 
I have been decorating my white deer (It is a paper mach item from hobby lobby- I painted it white)
for all the holidays...very fun. 
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Toyland more!

Happy Friday to you!
This Raggedy Ann looks like she is ready to join toyland for Christmas.
I had several raggedys when I was much fun from a simple doll!
Stitch this lil lady up and frame her.
Copy and save the drawing.
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Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Have a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas !

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Monday, November 16, 2015

If the Turkey is dry....

Hey Everyone....this is my new sign...pretty funny huh!
Nothing worse than a dry
I can't wait to have turkey and the fixings....I have been on weight watchers since the end of July...lost 32 pounds.  I am going to save my points and eat some of my fav foods....and enjoy the day.  I am very happy with weight budgeting my points and still I get to eat alot of what I love.
This sign is now in my etsy shop!
I think the key to true happiness is being thankful and grateful!
I also believe in love being the most important thing there is. 
I am going to try to not stuff myself...because it feels so bad to have an achy tummy.
I would like to take a nice walk...if the weather permits. 
I love pumpkin pie....but I only have it this one time a year.
It always reminds me of mom...she has been gone 18 I love having a bit of her around.
She made wonderful pies....the best flaky. 
Do you have traditions that really bring back the memories?
I got out a box of "Memories" the other day while looking for my air force picture... it is amazing how life is so different now.
Back then things were simple...which is both good and bad.
Sometimes it seems that we have 7 or 8 lives in one...all very different according to the stages of life.

I am thankful for everything...the past, present and future.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Owl love freebie

Aren't these love birds cute!
Seems like fall decorating is finishing up...soon everyone will put up all the Christmas and holiday decor.
My trees will not quite let the leaves can I rake when they are still in the trees?
Do you have this problem?
What will happen is it will suddenly get really cold and raking will be impossible because it will be frozen to the ground.

This design would be adorable on the corner of a table cloth. Click on the pic to copy and save.
For some really cute Christmas chalkboard FREE here.
For a FREE Prim stitchery pattern of a Christmas tree here.

This is a sneak peak of my next design...Be of good cheer!
I am really excited to get this one in my will be ready soon!
I love this old postcard....celebrating Thanksgiving and being patriotic at the same time!
I would have loved to ride a
- - - - - -
Soon.....very soon....I will be having my annual pre-black friday etsy sale.
BIG savings....I will announce the dates soon.
Have a Fabulous Friday!!!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's day!

Happy Veteran's Day!!!
That is my mom in the above picture....she was a Navy Vet.
This is my husband Dana...he was Air force. 
My grandfather was in WW1...the first world war....
Met up with his brother in Normandy.
My dad was in the Royal Air force....I don't have a pic of him in uniform though.
And this is me....I am a disabled Air Force vet.
I have other family members that served as well....2 uncles, a cousin, and more.

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Goodies....all about the house

I had a blast at the craft shows this weekend!
I even made it to the goodwill Christmas sale too....which I will blog about later.
Above is a cool Seahorse and Sea fairy I got from my pal Sue...she makes the most detailed and lovely dolls!
I could never make these pieces of art...everything she makes is so well done.
I got a cool monster guy and eyeball ornie from Karene.
Isn't this so unusual!
I will have to get my other items (which were Christmas decos) out for another day...and take pics.
This is my Christmas mood board...inspiring me for my Christmas illustrations and repeat patterns I am working on.  This mood board is just an old wood frame painted white...and string is stapled to the back...and I use clothes pins to hang up whatever I want!
Look at the cute coloring book!
I love retro ornaments and bright colors!
Seems like old Christmas cards always had glitter and candles on them.
Cool forest...the trees are pink, blue and green...I want to be there!
I got some fun fabric...charm candy!
Tula pink...Rich and vibrant colors!
Simple posies!
Sweet colors packs that work so well together!
I love the lace and flowers!
Wild Christmas fabric...I can't wait to work on all of these!

Gotta get working and stop playing around!!!
Happy Monday to you!!!

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