Friday, May 22, 2015

Tomato pincushion freebie

Thank God it's Friday!!
and the Memorial day weekend is here.
To me...this is the beginning of Summertime!
Above is a fun freebie...a sweet pincushion.
Stitch it up into a
I love how profound this statement is!
I also love the simplicity of this design. 
I made the repeating star practice...and It turned out well. 
Another great saying!
Being a veteran makes me feel proud. 
I love to display these all summer long.
My wool pins and necklaces pattern is fun to remember your loved one....I give old photos in the pattern though in case you want to use them.  
These are fun and easy to do. 
I love how they look vintage. 
Wool and wool felt are perfect for these...especially since they take scraps....and we all have a bunch of scraps.  (I hoard them
If you want some Patriotic inspiration....check out this Pinterest board!
Let's all take a moment this weekend to think and remember our military!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grape flowery

Hello ladies!
I have been busy with a number of thing is practicing these surface pattern designs.
Above are some doodle I did in adobe illustrator.
There are alot of random drawings here....but I picked out the grape hyacinths and a few other items for my design.
All these are the exact same pattern design...only in different color combos. 
It is amazing to me how different they can be. 
Ooohhh...I love this one!
Changing the colors is totally addicting! 
I love how soft it can look... 
and then how earthy it can be. 
This is a favorite too 
Always attracted to lime green 
I tried to add patriotic colors for this one.
Black and pink! 
Seems like the look is never ending.... 
This one reminds me of summer....and Popsicles!
Plum goodness!
Here is a screen shot of my program I work on.
The pattern is developed with my drawings ...on a square.
Everything must match up exactly on the outer lines of the square.
It also has to be where you can't see where it repeats on the finished project.
I recommend the Bonnie Christine surface pattern class on Creativelive....if this is something you want to do.
I do think you have to be computer savy...otherwise it will all be way to hard.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

What's new with me?

I have been doing a variety of things lately....pretty much having a blast.
I have been painting more Big eyes....
Since I can't have purple hair in real life...I made her have it....she likes it.
This is my kitty ...mid way through....she is now finished.  I will have to take a finished pic.
Bunny girl...with her butterflies.
Sometimes I pick up unfinished wood pieces at goodwill to paint on....why not? 
Here I am trying to finish my embroidery design... You will see what I decided to do shortly.
I didn't do exactly this. 
I wanted some bright colors and a flowery motif!
I picked out a rainbow of colors....thank you DMC! 
Last night I couldn't stop myself from is addicting!
I kept watching "forensic files"....another addicting thing!
I have been recoloring my repeating zinnia pattern...I love blue and purple...they are my happiest colors. 
It is amazing how colors change they way you feel about something. 
I love lime is very cheery.
My favorite yogurt is key lime die for. 
When I think of Halloween ...I think ORANGE.
These colors remind me of Halloween ....very non spooky....just harvest like. 
I could change colors all day long! 
Sweet black and sophisticated.
I had a great weekend.....hanging with my daughter and hubby.

I better get back to work....I keep doing fun

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Friday, May 15, 2015

You R Sweet freebie

You R's freebie Friday!!!
I love coming up with little is so satisfying to draw.
This would make a sweet sachet.
Copy and save.
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs.

This is my new What's new pussycat? design.
It is a PDF instant download, u print... in my etsy shop.
This would look great in your home and particularly in your child's room. I designed the artwork....making pretty repeating patterns and making the kitty blue calico.

I took this picture of it around my petunias.
Last year Prairie dogs came in my yard and ate every blossom,
I do not like prairie dogs anymore!!!
I caught them in the act too! 
Here is one of my cats....Froy. He is looking very snooty (as my daughter says....per usual).
He is annoyed with me because I was trying to take a pic when he was eating catnip.
We have some on our outdoor table....the cats love coming up and nibbling. 
This is his attitude for sure.
Animals sure do have different personalities.
This is what he looks like most of the time....confident and happy.
Have a 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Congrats idea!

Can you believe it is already time for this year's graduates to graduate?
Seems like this spring has went really fast.
Are you needing an idea on how to decorate for the big Graduation party?
For this easy project...I used a few supplies...
A Deflecto wet erase board in the stand....
Deflecto's cool and bright markers for chalk boards.
Party streamers 
and tape or glue.  
This is how the sign looks undecorated. 
It is double looks the same on the back as it does on the front.
I am a big fan of party streamers...
they are sooo inexpensive and easy to get in any color.
I cut a 4 inch piece....then cut three slits longways in the strip. 
I put many colors together and did the same thing to all of them.
You can make this much thicker by adding many more strips.

I just rolled up the non cut end. Glue or tape to secure.
I scrunched up the party streamer ends with my fingers...lightly. 
These markers are so bright and much nicer than colored chalk...
they erase easily with water and paper towel. 
I wrote my message and added the pom pom's to the sign.
Choose your school colors! 
The sign is great all year round....for whatever you want to use it for.
Here I wrote a to-do list.
I can see me using it for funny messages to my daughter....
personalizing it for birthdays....
changing it for all the holidays....
welcoming guests to the party...
- - - - - - - - 
Next year my daughter will be the graduate....her colors are orange and black....
wow time flies!

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